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Prosecuting Attorney
Peter J. Lucido

Contact: Jennifer Putney

Phone: 586-469-5642



August 30, 2021

Lucido Stresses Importance Of Financial Support For Families

Mount Clemens, Michigan — Last week, Prosecutor Lucido stressed the importance of a fully-funded office budget to ensure public safety remains the County’s top priority. This is vital to ensuring the mission of the Prosecutor’s Office – delivering justice in a timely manner. Justice, in the eyes of the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office, includes aiding families in providing emotional and financial support for their children.

There are not many things in the world that are more important than the well-being of our children. The future of Macomb County relies solely on the next generation of sons and daughters being raised by the hard working individuals of the community. In order to see Macomb County continue to grow and thrive, these children must be provided with the support and tools they need to grow and learn.

The most impactful thing that can be done to support our children, is to support those who are raising them. All too often a single parent is left to raise one or more children on their own, without financial support from the other parent, who had a major role in bringing these children into the world. A parent’s job does not end at the birth of the child, but instead carries on until the child is able to fully support them self.

“As a society, when a parent refuses to accept their role as a financial supporter and care-giver to their children, it is necessary to enforce mandatory child support, not to punish one parent or reward the other, but rather to invest in the future of our communities,” stated Prosecutor Lucido. “The future will be in the hands of our children, the least we can do is show them how to hold it”.

The Prosecutor’s Office, through its Family Support Division, is ready to help children and their families by holding accountable those parents who fail to pay their court ordered child support. The Family Support Division prosecutes parents who consistently have failed to pay their monthly child support obligation resulting in a significant arrearage.

One element of Lucido’s budget request would add additional funding for prosecuting attorneys and support staff in the Cooperative Reimbursement/ Family Support Division. These new staff members would provide the Prosecutor’s Office the manpower needed to better serve the community by allowing the Family division to follow up on current child support cases more actively and completely and giving them the additional staff they need to pursue a greater number of cases to ensure support is made available to families.