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Prosecuting Attorney
Peter J. Lucido

Contact: Jennifer Putney

Phone: 586-469-5642



September 09, 2021

Macomb County Prosecutor Budget Seeks Major Crimes Unit Funding

Mount Clemens, Michigan — Macomb County Prosecutor Peter J. Lucido’s pending 2022 budget request seeks funding for a Major Crimes Unit.

The Major Crimes Unit will work with police to review and prosecute serious offenses such as homicides, robberies, and other violent crimes, which are often life felonies. Approval of Lucido’s pending budget request would equip the Major Crimes Unit with highly skilled and qualified professionals dedicated to prosecuting the most heinous crimes.

“We want to train and empower more assistant prosecutors to handle the most serious crimes, removing a potential bottleneck, so victims may get justice more quickly,” stated Prosecutor Lucido.

Prosecutor Lucido reminds everyone that in case of an emergency, please call 9-1-1. And to report a major crime, please call your local law enforcement agency.

Some recent major crimes authorized by the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office include:

  • A multi-jurisdictional case against a defendant from Eastpointe, who allegedly went on a 48 hour crime spree throughout Wayne and Macomb Counties in September, 2021:
    • 4 Counts - Assault with Intent to Murder
    • First Degree Arson
    • A Weapons Felony Firearm
    • Stolen Prop.-Get & Conceal Motor Vehicle
  • A defendant from Detroit, who allegedly was selling large quantities of narcotics and eventually sold narcotics to an individual who then overdosed in November, 2020:
    • Deliver Controlled Substance Cause Death
    • Criminal Enterprises-Conducting
    • 22 Drug Charges
  • A defendant from Clinton Township, who allegedly, while driving with a suspended license, with his vehicle, hit an individual on a bicycle resulting in the individual’s death in June, 2021:
    • Operating-License Suspended, Revoked, Denied-Causing Death
    • Failure to Stop at Scene of Accident-When at Fault-Resulting in Death
    • Failure to Stop at Scene of Accident Resulting in Serious Impairment of Death
    • Moving Violation Causing Death

Lucido’s 2022 budget request emphasizes integrity and putting lawyers in courtrooms. Lucido’s budget request is pending review by the County Executive and submission to the County Commission. In August, Lucido participated in meetings with the Macomb County Finance Department, the Office of County Executive, and several Macomb County Commissioners to discuss the current status of the Prosecutor’s Office and future financial needs. Prosecutor Lucido stressed that public safety must be the county’s first priority.

Lucido has consistently argued that the Prosecutor’s Office is woefully underfunded. Lucido’s pending budget request seeks to add additional funding for 9 full-time Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys, 4 part-time Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys, 6 full time Administrative Staff, and 5 part-time administrative.

In addition to the creation of a Major Crimes Unit, Lucido’s 2022 budget request seeks funding to adequately staff and train other newly created units, including but not limited to: a Conviction Integrity Unit, a Hate Crimes Unit, an Environmental Unit and a Human Trafficking Unit.

Lucido is also working with the Macomb County IT Department on a pending request for two major technology projects: a digital evidence management system and a case management system. Lucido said these systems are needed for many reasons, including due to a large increase in video evidence from police body cameras, store and homeowner video security systems, and mobile phone videos.

As a Michigan State Senator, Lucido sponsored Senate Bill 533, which became law in 2021. This legislation clarified the crime of armed robbery, a life felony, by allowing the prosecution of armed robbery if the person possesses an article used or fashioned in a manner that would cause a “reasonable person” to believe the article is a dangerous weapon. Lucido’s pending 2022 Prosecutor’s Office budget request would provide more resources to the Major Crimes Unit to prosecute armed robbery offenses, and other serious offenses.