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Prosecuting Attorney
Peter J. Lucido

February  25, 2021

Contact: Jennifer Putney

Office: 586-469-5642



Macomb County Prosecutor Proud of Early Office Accomplishments


Mount Clemens, Michigan — With his first 60 days in office, Macomb Prosecuting Attorney Peter J. Lucido is proud to announce that the platform promises he made on the campaign trail are being kept. There is a new look, a new attitude; it is a new beginning in the Prosecutor’s Office. 

A strong advocate and champion of victim rights as a State Senator, Prosecutor Lucido has carried forward with physical improvements in the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. Bringing vibrancy and life to the office with personal art and photographs, collaborating with local art sources like the Anton Art Center, adding conference rooms to unused or underutilized space on each of the three floors of the County administration building. To compliment the new accommodations, where traumatized victims and families may now have privacy, dignity, and the respect they deserve when interacting with Mr. Lucido’s highly qualified staff of compassionate, and caring victim advocates and specialized unit Assistant Prosecutors, the Office has also launched a series of online features making the communication between victim and the Prosecutor’s Office more streamlined and efficient.

On the side of the accused, all of whom are innocent until proven guilty, Mr. Lucido has developed an online application for those desiring to admit guilt and face the consequences of their acts by making a plea to a charge that affords a just resolution to charges where circumstances warrant.

Mr. Lucido has also assembled a team of the top major crime Assistant Prosecutors and seasoned investigators to assemble with local law enforcement to review major crimes for a team approach to determining charges and select the best suited specialized Assistant Prosecutors to pursue the particular charges made.

Reassigning staff with particular skill sets, Prosecutor Lucido has maximized efficiency and upgraded performance using what he found when taking office.

In addition, Mr. Lucido has made multiple presentations to county elected officials and administrators to justify additional IT, staffing and other needs to meet the challenges ahead due to the COVID pandemic which shut down the courts. Recalling workforce and allowing limited remote work assignments, Mr. Lucido has moved to assure that the public is getting the most from its hard earned tax dollars used to fund the Prosecutor’s Office.

And, returning to an all but forgotten intern program, Mr. Lucido has opened a pathway for the County’s brightest and best to learn about the work of the prosecuting attorney and law enforcement, while supplementing the needs of the office as a win-win for all involved.

Prosecutor Lucido looks forward to the upcoming unveiling. Elected officials and community leaders alike will be invited to attend a COVID-19 observant Open House, to witness the polished and buffed Office of the Prosecuting Attorney and the outstanding team of individuals who have dedicated their professional lives to ensuring the office runs efficiently and effectively for the protection of all.