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Prosecuting Attorney
Peter J. Lucido

Contact: Jennifer Putney

Phone: 586-469-5642



July 1, 2021

Prosecutor Reports Strong Progress at Sixth-Month Mark

Mount Clemens, Michigan — Upon taking office on January 1, 2021, newly elected Prosecutor Peter J. Lucido was confronted with an office vacated merely 8 months prior by a corrupt and now federally-convicted Prosecuting Attorney. Although the interim administration made large strides during its short tenure, Lucido found the office in a state of affairs that required careful consideration and evaluation as to what needed to be done to restore integrity and efficiency from the top of the department.

As with any transition of such magnitude, best business practices dictated that Lucido consider emergency measures as needed, but evaluate the whole of the circumstances before more permanent changes. In following that course, Lucido met personally with every one of the 110+ employees, taking into account their concerns and personal needs.

Recognizing a budget that was woefully lacking for staffing in essential positions, wholly outdated technology to handle daily demands, and other immediate needs to protect victims and assure equal justice to the citizens of Macomb County, Prosecutor Lucido began a series of evaluations and course corrections on all fronts.

Deviation Protocols were revised to provide ease of submission, increased transparency and accountability. Crime Victim Forms and Warrant Authorization Forms were updated and simplified to provide ease of communication between victims, law enforcement, and the Prosecutor’s Office. The Prosecutor’s Website was given a thorough overhaul to make available necessary resources for the people of the county and defense attorneys. A Staff Portal was also created to efficiently facilitate assistant prosecutor scheduling info, training materials, contact lists and more.

Prosecutor Lucido created several additional special units. A Hates Crimes Unit, as well as a Human Trafficking Unit were created, and the Environmental Unit was reestablished, to address the ever changing challenges and needs of the County. Additionally, a Conviction Integrity Unit is being implemented to ensure the integrity of challenged convictions, remedy wrongful convictions and take any remedial measures necessary to correct injustices uncovered. This Unit will also advise and train assistant prosecutors and law enforcement regarding proper safeguards to ensure fair, equal, and ethical prosecutions within the bounds of the law.

Physical changes have taken place as well. Two conference rooms were constructed with special attention given to victims and their families, together with witnesses and local law enforcement. To bring more color and life to the office, Prosecutor Lucido collaborated with the Anton Art Center and several Macomb County artist groups to share and provide approximately 120 pieces of art with the office, to make it a warmer, friendlier, and more enjoyable place to work.

Reaching the 6-month mark in his administration, Prosecutor Lucido looks forward to the continued trust of the public, the cooperation of the Office of County Executive, and support by the Board of County Commissioners. Lucido wishes to express his deep appreciation to each and every team member in the Prosecutor’s Office for their dedicated service under difficult circumstances. He is proud of the progress that has been made and looks forward to all the achievements that will be forthcoming.